3rd Party Licenses

Interested in creating your own 3rd party content to my games - adventures, supplements, generators etc. - please feel free to do so! Every game I create has a 3rd party license, that enables you to create your own stuff for it. Be kind and read these terms:

  1. If you adhere to these terms you are allowed to publish free or commercial material based upon and/or declaring compatibility with any of my games without express permission. 
  2. Art and text from my publications may not be reused or translated, unless you have my explicit permission.
  3. The mechanics and game rules may be reused and referenced freely.
  4. Your product cannot use my official brand or game logos. 
  5. You’re not allowed to give the impression that this is an official Sunzenaut product or that I endorse or sponsor you in any way unless we’ve made special arrangements. 
  6. You are allowed and encouraged (but not required) to use the compatibility logos provided on this page.
  7. You are not allowed to use my 3rd party licenses for anything that uses AI imagery.

OBSCURE 3rd party logo: