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OBSCURE: Found Footage Horror TTRPG

OBSCURE: Found Footage Horror TTRPG

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Found Footage Horror

PDF included.

OBSCURE is a tabletop role-playing game inspired by the genre "found-footage horror" known from movies and video games like The Blair Witch Project, Outlast and V/H/S. The game is made for one-location horror one-shots and survival horror campaigns, where storytelling is weighted above rules, and horror above action. The Player Characters are not heroes, just regular everyday people caught up in horrifying situations, where death is always lurking around the corner.

This roleplaying game is designed to match the unnerving experience of watching a horror movie or telling a ghost story around a campfire. To capture the atmosphere of urban legends in a time before the internet was a common thing.

OBSCURE is about solving mysteries. It is about running and hiding. It is about confronting your worst fears and overcome them. And above all, it is about getting through the night alive.

What's inside?

  • 80 pages premium softcover book
  • Quality: 250g cover, 135g content, uncoated, raw recycled paper
  • Complete rulebook
  • Quick-rules reference
  • Character creation
  • Pre-made characters
  • 4 scenarios
  • Equipment lists
  • Game master tools and tips
  • Lots of creepy artwork
  • Rules for one-shot and campaign mode
  • Character sheets
  • Experimental analog layout and textures
  • Original character death mechanic
  • Hidden artwork
  • Open 3rd party license
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